Virginia Academic Spring Trip 2018

Third time in a row we visited companies and scientific partners in the Washington DC area with a group of 13 students and 3 faculty. We spent a week on campus of Old Dominion University Norfolk, VA, headed to Jefferson Labs, NASA Langley Research Center, College of William and Mary, Christopher Newport University and other places in the Historical Triangle. Students report about their excitements in their splending blog  "Let's do soething great". Enjoy reading!

SPiRIT Guest Lecture: Heike Winschiers-Theophilus

»Co-designing technologies with indigenous and marginalized communities in Namibia«

Prof. Dr. Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, Namibia University of Science & Technology 

16.5.2017, 16 Uhr Campus Stendal, 3.0.09

Knowledge representations and conceptualisations of the world differ profoundly across cultures and knowledge systems. Current technology designs are deeply anchored in a Western epistemology which is often conflicting with indigenous conceptualisations. Thus we pursue a locally situated approach to co- creating a new digital reality with indigenous knowledge holders in Namibia. We have developed a number of prototypes to support the preservation of indigenous knowledge.  Lessons learned and open research questions are shared in the presentation.

Furthermore, we have been engaged in co-designing technologies with unemployed youth in an informal settlement of Windhoek. Namibia has an exceptionally high youth unemployment rate and increasing rural-urban migration leading to a number of socio-economic challenges. Thus over the last 3 years we have dedicated substantial efforts into a digital transformation to improve the livelihood of marginalized youth. Challenges and success stories of the interventions will be shared in the presentation.

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The Narrative Summit: Stories For Impact

Magdeburg-Stendal University is collaborating to your favor with »Digital Storytelling Conference« of Cogswell College, San Jose, California.

We invite you to join the Opening followed by Keynote from John Hagel on Campus. This live event will be interactively streamed into our Lecture Hall 5 at house 14 on Herrenkrug Campus Magdeburg on November 10th, 2016 between 5:30 and 7:00pm.

Before the official start and after Hagels talk there will be an open public discussion moderated by Prof. Dr. Michael Herzog. The whole event could be streamed to your personal (mobile) device. We'll distribute the URL to you after quick registration.


Announcement: Scholarly Context Gone Missing!

On 2016-09-26 at 3:30pm we welcome Martin Klein, PhD, from Los Alamos Labs, New Mexico, on his second visit on our campus. His talk is focusing on problems of academic publishing in the Digital Age. This event is a cooperation with masters program CrossMedia. Everybody is invited to join this in house 14 (lecture building) on Campus Herrenkrug.

More information (pdf)


How we could save Web information for future generation?



with Sawood Alam, Old Dominion University Norfolk (ODU), VA
and Yasmin AlNoamany, ODU + Internet Archive, San Francisco, CA

am Friday 2015-Sept-18 at 1:30 pm, House 7, Room 0.06, Campus Herrenkrug

The Web is present in a broad range of fields of our lives including education, research, governance, news, entertainment, communication, publishing, shopping, social interactions, and many more. We collectively create and consume the Web more than ever before and are truly living in the Web era. However, the Web has a volatile nature. Very often web services disappear and content gets modified, deleted, or moved to other places.

We need to preserve our trail on the Web in order for the historians of the future generations to know about us accurately. Apart from the long term preservation of the history there are other advantages and use cases of the archived Web such as personal satisfaction, storytelling, legal evidences, and many more.

Join us for discussion!

Find more information in this PDF.


SPiRIT at the "Sense. Enable. SPITSE." Symposium

An "Overview on indoor localization principles in RFID Systems" was provided by Prof. Dr. Friedewald as invited Speaker at the 2nd International Scientific Symposium "Sense. Enable. SPITSE." 2015, St. Petersburg, Russia. The presentation compares findings gathered by the SPiRIT research group on localization methods based on passive RFID-technology. As a benefit from constant appliance and work with these approaches, significant effects and correlations often neglected at scientific literature are discussed.


SPiRIT at Langen Nacht der Wissenschaft

Again, SPiRIT Research Group is addending the annual events Capus Day and Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft at Campus Herrenkrug. This time, on Saturday, March 30th we show "shell game with a twist..."

RFID and Augmented Reality for Kids & Scatterbrains

Who doesn't know situations like this: You put something away, your keys, a book, a pen. Just the next day, you are looking for it.

"keeping things in order means you are too lazy to look for!"

Even in a well maintained system, often only insiders keep track. This doesn't have to be the case!

Similar to the shell game, a shelf is filled with cardboard boxes, of which one contains a reward. But instead of looking for it, our Exhibit enables you to locate the desired item via smartphone easy as pie!

For this system to work reliably, the SPiRIT team around Benjamin Hatscher and Mathias Lange developed a localization setup, equiped the shelf with antennas (RFID) and created a smartphone app. Using augmented reality, this app shows the position of any RFID-label hence the item in question inside the boxes.

kids and scatterbrains therefore are able to find stuff without looking for it.

The Exhibit was developed as part of ROSI-3D,  funded by the FHProfUnd program of the German Ministry of Education and Research.


Research colloquium October 15th

This is an invitation for all researchers to join our public SPiRIT colloq on Wednesday October 15th. Await presentations from our current research projects and reports about summer conferences, workshops and journeys. Meeting point is at building 7, room 1.10.


Greetings from MCCSIS conference

»Overcoming the gap between digital and analogue board games« was the title of our Paper presentation at GET2014/IHCI2014, held at MCCSIS conference Lisbon, 15.7.2014. The DiTAG prototype we presented, is part of ROSI-3D research project and was developed to investigate several questions around HF localization and interaction design. The presented paper deals more with the design research questions: How can the advantages of video games and board games be combined? Which elements cause the unique feeling of a board game and a video game: Which combinations make sense to raise the game experience to a new level?


E-Business Financing

What can a start-up entrepreneur learn from the Silicon Valley in financing and strategy? Should every German founder seek funding from Silicon Valley VCs and what would he gain? US capital or local seed financing? Should German start-ups focus on a fast exit or long-term sustainability as an SMB?

Florian Brody offers insights and directions in the confusing maze of financing opportunities in an invited lecture in our series of “Lunch Lectures”. Brody will also talk about his experiences as co-founder in start-ups in the Silicon Valley in the domains of content-based image retrieval, mobile payment and ebooks.

June 24, 2014 at 2 PM, Building #14, Hall 5, Magdeburg-Herrenkrug Campus.

More information about lunch lecture in german (PDF).

brody.org | linkedin.com/in/fbrody


SocialMedia Barcamp Stendal 2014

On June the 26th, the first SocialMedia Barcamp will be held on the Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences Campus in Stendal. The event is open for registration, free tickets are available on the website h2bc.de.


Third meeting of ROSI-3D steering committee on June, 16th 2014

On June the 16th, the third meeting of ROSI-3D steering committee will be held at Magdeburg from 10:00 to 12:00am. If you are interested in meeting our experts, you are kindly invited to participate. Feel free to contact us to get detailed advices.


Sustainability of ICT Markets – Special Stream at NWK-15

At this years NWK-15 in Magdeburg research group SPiRIT will present a follow-up to the EcoCom 2013.

Four talks from students of the masters programme Innovative Management at Stendal will be presented and discussed at the lecture hall at Campus Magdeburg on April, 24th 2014 at 16:30. The talks will be held in german.

  • Electronic health card - technical boon or bureaucratic bane? Jana Gerlach, Franziska Kind, Mandy Paraskewopulos 
  • Web 2.0 - Facebook as prime example? A critical look Kristian Wolfgang Dietrich, Liane Drews, Katharina Hänschke, Mirco Volmer
  • ICT-Market location comparison: Is Magdeburg a future Technology Center? Andre Baumann, Kai Ostwald, Melanie Schneider
  • Through the use of informations and communications technology Berlin looses jobs!
    Thomas Probian, Michael Wiegmann, Julia Frederike von Mandel

More information EcoCom

More information NWK-15 (german)

PDF Announcement Special Stream (german)

EcoCom 2013 documentation online

The bilingual documentation on the conference website is mostly finished. Our short videos (subtitled) give a quick overview over the topics. The »Call for articles« for our book »Economics of Communication«, wich will be published in Summer of 2014 with Oldenbourg/De Gryter, is also available online.

The fields »ICT-Markets and Locations«, »Social Communities« as well as »Electronic health insurance card« will be part of a "follow-Up" Track of the EcoCom 2013 and will be presented in April at the NWK15 Conference.


karriereLEBEN at IDAACS'2013

Christian Neumann and Ontje Helmich presented the technical concept of project karriereLEBEN "Integration of a SocialMedia Platform into University Information Architecture" at IDAACS'2013. The accompanied paper from both scientists and project director Michael A. Herzog is published in the IEEE conference proceedings. The interactive prototype is available in english language at our showcase section.


Second meeting of ROSI-3D steering committee

At September the 6th, the second meeting of ROSI-3D steering committee will be held at Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences House 8, Room 2.28 from 09:30 to 12:00am.


Colloquium August 28th

On August 28th research group SPiRIT will hold a colloquium. Christian Neumann and Benjamin Hatscher will present their contributions to IDAACS'2013 and to Mensch und Computer 2013. Exact location and time will be announced here, soon.


SPiRIT exhibit in Pergamon Museum

On may 23th and 24th, 2013 the digital board game environment DiTAG was demonstrated at the XI. conference »Culture and Computer Science: Visual Worlds & Interactive Spaces« at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. The conference transcript with our article is available at the publisher vwh.


Conference with our partners at Wissenschaftshafen

We thank all participants of our ROSI-3D Workshop at april 22th and 23th in the Denkfabrik for the interesting contributions and discussions. Especially we thank Dr Rauchhaupt and Professor Jumar for the hospitality in their institute. The next committee of the project will meet at september 6th, 2013.

Workshop RFID and SocialMedia

Thursday, 28 February 2013

A diverse range of topics and projects all around RFID were presented and discussed together with colleagues from research group INKA at HTW Berlin and students of RFID and Interaction Design. Research group SPiRIT hosted this workshop as part of the ROSI-3D project.

Agenda (German)

Auftakt zum Forschungsprojekt »ROSI-3D«

Mittwoch 5. Dezember 2012, 14:00 Uhr
Campus Magdeburg Haus 8, Raum 2.28

RFID-Ortung bei Berücksichtigung ortsveränderlicher Objekte im Funkfeld mit einer 3D-Simulation


  • Begrüßung
  • »Get problems solved with simulation. What is a right model?« Prof. Dr. Mike Overstreet, Old Dominion University Norfolk, VA, USA
  • »Das ROSI-3D Konzept. Ein Ausblick auf das Forschungsprojekt« Prof. Dr. Olaf Friedewald, Prof. Dr. Michael A. Herzog
  • Diskussion und Gespräche


Zweiter Alumni-Workshop im Rahmen des karriereLEBEN Projektes

Mittwoch 5. Dezember 2012, 15:30 - 18:00 Uhr

Campus Magdeburg Haus 7, Raum 3.07 (Atelier)

Der Dezember-Workshop soll dazu beitragen, sich über die bestehenden und zukünftigen Alumniaktivitäten der Hochschule auszutauschen, die Akteure der Hochschule zu vernetzen und die Perspektiven auf das Thema zu erweitern.



Workshop 'karriereLEBEN'

Für das Hochschulmarketing sind die Karriereaussichten von Studenten ein wichtiger Aspekt. Von daher ist die Hochschule bestrebt mit ihren Absolventen in Kontakt zu bleiben. 

Bei der Netzwerkveranstaltung „Karrierewege – kennen, eröffnen, kommunizieren“ werden insgesamt drei Workshops vorgestellt, die auf die drei Themenkomplexe (Social Media im Career-Service, Überlegungen zu Wirkungen von Career-Services und zur Effektivität ausgewählter Maßnahmen, Best-Practice im Career-Service) fokussiert sind. Zum Thema Social Media im Career-Service wird SPiRIT eine Präsentation über das Projekt karriereLEBEN geben. 

Die Veranstaltung findet am 20./21.9.2012 auf dem Campus der Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal in Stendal statt. Die Teilnahme an dieser kostenfreien Veranstaltung ist noch möglich. Wir freuen uns auch über weitere Teilnehmer/-innen – gerne auch aus Fakultäten/Fachbereichen und Studiengängen. 




Das Management unserer Kundenbeziehungen wird auch in unserer Hochschule ein immer wichtigerer strategischer Faktor in der Außenkommunikation. 

  • Wer hat mit wem worüber gesprochen?
  • Welche Projekte laufen bereits zwischen unserer Hochschule und dem Partner?
  • Wen kann ich im Partnerunternehmen oder der Behörde über ein bestimmtes Thema ansprechen?
  • Wer betreut in unserer Hochschule diesen Kontakt federführend?
  • Wie erreiche ich gezielt Ansprechpartner mit einem Rundschreiben?

Wenn Sie von diesen Fragen in Ihrer täglichen Arbeit berührt sind, dann laden wir Sie sehr herzlich zu einem Workshop zum Thema »Custumer Relationship Management« (CRM) ein:

Am 19.09.2012, 14.00 Uhr wird Herr Eilers von IT-Novum das SugarCRM-System bei uns vorstellen. 

Der Workshop findet im Konferenzraum der FEZ Magdeburg GmbH, Breitscheidstraße 51, am Hochschulcampus statt.
Im Anschluss besteht die Möglichkeit über das Projekt zu sprechen.

Für den Workshop können Sie sich bei Frau Heike Mahn heike.mahn(at)hs-magdeburg.de anmelden.

Research assistants wanted

Wir suchen bereits seit einigen Wochen eine engagierte Kollegin/ einen engagierten Kollegen für ein vom Bund gefördertes Forschungsprojekt, das mit zwei Unternehmen und einem externen Institut umgesetzt wird. Die wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterstelle im Fachgebiet Informatik-Wirtschaftsinformatik-Medieninformatik ist für 30h/Woche, E13, zunächst bis Ende 2014 vorgesehen. Arbeitsschwerpunkt ist die Softwareentwicklung für eine 3D-Simulation im RFID-Bereich mit Forschungsaufgaben, siehe Volltext der Ausschreibung. Da gerade weitere Forschungsprojekte im Kontext von E-Learning und RFID anlaufen, freuen wir uns auch über Initiativbewerbungen!

Zur Ausschreibung

University wins competition for best career plan for students

Im aktuellen Hochschulwettbewerb Karrierewege - kennen, eröffnen, kommunizieren, ausgeschrieben durch die Hochschulinitiative Neue Bundesländer, haben wir für unsere Hochschule den Hauptpreis der Jury für das Gesamtkonzept gewonnen. Wir danken allen Mitwirkenden, insbesondere den Kolleginnen im Career-Center für die konstruktive Arbeit an dem Konzept! Jetzt starten wir beflügelt die Umsetzung und freuen uns auf aktive Mitstreiter aus dem Kreise der Studierenden, MitarbeiterInnen und ProfessorInnen!


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