Project karriereLEBEN

Studying always is a first step into one's career and therefor 'career opportunities' are an important part of university marketing. It is the university‘s task to analyse career paths as well as to develop new opportunities – for example through the continued expansion of business networks. Finally, it is also an important task of alumni work to communicate activities and achievements of the university to the public.


In the project karriereLEBEN three activities will be linked together. At first, an 'E-Folder' will be created in which students have the opportunity to develop and present their profiles during their studies. This information should – after approval – be visible for other students, universities' career services and companies. A collective contact and service level will be developed through a 'OneShop' for students, alumni and employers on the topics internships, alumni and research services. In addition a 'meeting point: my career' will be established by and for alumni.


The to-be-developed alumni portal will represent a strong network of different activities for the benefit of career advancement. The jury of Hochschulinitiative Neue Bundesländer rated the high IT integration and the linkage of student advisory, student acquisition, practice qualification and university bond as especially innovative. 'The university accepted with its submission, that bonding of alumni as advertisers, customers and supporters is only possible if it gets to know the skills and professional development of its alumni and makes them usable for the development of services and marketing activities.' The concept schedules the 'E-Folder', the 'OneShop' and the first testimonials to be developed in 2012 and the final implementation in 2013.


More information on kariereLEBEN in the showcase (Prototype!)


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